Atomic Rocket Comics:
The Complete Video Collection

The Atomic Rocket Super Heroes together for the first time !!!! 
This video collects all of the previous single videos, in the following order:
- Doctor Actom 
- Hypno Girl 
- Shadow Boy 
- Paper Man
- the White Demon 
- Shrunken Boy 
- Shrunken Girl 
- Dottor Morte 
All videos directed by -

Francesco Brunotti ( / Roberto Papi ( 
except for 
Shadowboy- 2d Animation and graphic design -
Francesco Brunotti)
Characters Design:
Francesco Brunotti / Roberto Papi 
Camera Operator / DOP: Tommaso scalise 
except for "Paper Man, "White Demon", "Dottor Morte", shot by -
Francesco Brunotti
Editing / Post- Production: Francesco Brunotti
Music By :

Nicola Manzan (www.bologna
The Dead Doctors 
The Demons 
The Atomic Kids
The Shadow Players 
Atomic Rocket Comics Facebook page:

Atomic Rocket Comics: the full story
 At the end of the 60's, the italian publishing company Atomic Rocket Comics commited itself to a full round artistic project, drawing esthetic inspiration from the most colourful styles coming from overseas and from the tradition of the national noir comic book genre, also known as "fumetto nero". Through the making of comic books and picture stories as well, and several gadgets too aimed at entertaining the readers, Atomic Rocket produced stories of masked super heroes and its content was very extreme and cruel, and it was made even more appealing by a fine esthetic choice.
Unfortunately, the religious and political organizations of that time found such products unbearable, because Atomic Rocket Comics started a real cultural fire and its impact on society was massive. And, alas, it was a real arson (a malicious one) to bring to a financial bankrupt the company, causing all the creative team involved in this project to disappear into anonymity, leaving behind themselves, in the years to follow, a trail of mistery. And nothing more.
Years passed by, and suddendly, a bunch of collectors started tracking down the "Lost archives" of Atomic Rocket in order to revive the legend and making it available to the public once again. So they went and searched among the ruins and the remains of the publishing company's headquarters, and found evidence of it existence; and then they retrieved all of the material they managed to find in order to bring it out of the darkness where it had been buried in , and to show it once again to the fans, giving new glory to these amazing characters.
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