(Music Video)
Band / Bestial Mouths
Song / Faceless
Director - Francesco Brunotti (
Camera Operator - Fabio Tomassini
Editor - Francesco Brunotti
Colorist - Francesco Brunotti
Beauty Makeup - Federica Tomassini
Actress / Dancer - Valentina Jalali
First of all, the song "Faceless" has a lot of "dynamic tension", lots of changes of pace too, it starts out slow, then it speeds up/ changes to fast, then it breaks down, slows down, and speeds up again.  I thought it was a very special track; it's very dark, like an inner journey of the soul, it's also very dramatic and it was long enough to build up/ create atmospheric visuals for the video.  
All the dynamics of the song gave me this strong idea of motion, both physical and through space and time: the camera actually moves through the scenes - that's the reason why we used a lot of long takes/ plan sequences, almost in a parallel way to the movements of the actress/dancer.
In the end the video is all about feeling something through her body and the way her body moves and reacts to the music and the setting around her: who is she ? We don't know. She's trapped in this place and detached from this place at the same time. She's lost in space and time dancing a solitary dance.  It's also about circularity, the video starts and ends in the same way.  So, it's like a circle she's trapped in; and it's physical, it's a very "physical" video for sure. 

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