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Brighter Colors (taken from "The Wilderness" album, out on Lefse Records)
Directed by: Francesco Brunotti
Shot by -
Matteo Brancali / Riccardo Tappo / Filippo Rossi / Francesco Brunotti
Editing / Post-Production- 
Francesco Brunotti
Special thanks to -
Elisa Tita Quirini, Noemi Quintili, Noemi Quartucci,Ilaria Castellani Perelli
The whole timelapse video was shot at night, using a Canon Eos 5d MKII: I wanted to imbue the whole work with a sense of melancholy and nostalgia; all the monsters come out at night and play in empty spaces., when none is around. I wanted this video to be a suburban night dream. The timelapse technique was really effective to achieve this feeling: therefore I slowed it all down as if every single scene was a sort of painting in motion. This video is 100 % approved by Cemeteries, the artist who wrote the music. 

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Time-lapse,dream pop,suburban night dream,monsters at play,slow mo loneliness,neon light

It's too late 
The witches call 
The witches call your name 
Stay out late 
And stand up straight 
You wanted to be a dancer 
Make your mark 
Stop and start 
The colors are brighter than you know 
Your vivid eyes 
Paint the walls 
As they watch me go 
Everyone is cold 
I know 
I know

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