Artist - Drifting In Silence (
Title - Desire
Directed by -
Francesco Brunotti (
Camera operator / DOP -
Fabio Tomassini (
Edited by -
Francesco Brunotti
Post-production / 3D / Compositing -
Francesco Brunotti
Actress -
Noemi Quintili
This is my new video for the american IDM / Ambient / Shoegaze artist
the  track is called "Desire" and it's the first single off his brand new album.
As for the video itself, I wanted to capture a dreamy feeling, it's set in the woods, featuring a mysterious faceless girl, lost in time and space among the trees and rocks, and a lot of floating objects and abstract  shapes surrounding her and protecting her. It could be described as a mix between nature, humanity and 'digital' abstract lifeforms."  The song lends itself well to the natural textures and digital accents of the video.
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