JAPAN SUICIDE - Naked Skin (Official Music Video)
Directed by:
Francesco Brunotti (www.francescobrunotti.com)

Motion Design / 2D Animation:
Francesco Brunotti

Taken from the album:
"We die in such a place" (Unknown Pleasures Records)

Buy the album here:
"Naked Skin" is my new music video for the italian post-punk / new wave band Japan Suicide. I tried to recreate a classic gothic fairytale: so there's a classic storyline too, with the main character who's back from the dead,wandering among graveyards, woods, and an evil town, looking for the woman he loves. Will he make it ? Will they finally manage to get back together ? Nobody knows that, until the very final moments of the video, when a classic, sudden plot twist happens, changing the ending in an unexpected way. Of course, the "gothic" approach draws inspiration from the music and lyrics of the song: it felt pretty natural to create all these dark settings for the video. The aforementioned technique that was used for  "Naked Skin" is a mix between 2D animation and collage animation - especially the settings -, while all the characters are hand drawn. Overall, this video can be seen as  a tribute to all those classic  old school, gothic, darkish 2D animation videos that were made back in the days. 
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