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Photographs/concept by - Francesco Brunotti
Cd/Soundtrack by - Byla/Martux/Retina.It/Populous/Pleo/Scanner/Wang Inc/Ether/TU M'
Produced/released by - Persistencebit Records
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Nocturne info -
Is meant to be a multimediaproject, an audio/visual experience, an experiment in creating aconnection between two forms of communication. Having started to shootthese photographs drawing constant inspiration from electronic music asan audio source bound to influence my perception of what surrounds me,I started to consider the idea to melt two medias together in onesingle project, like a sum of the various parts involved. As a result,I considered the possibility to get in touch with a certain number ofartists whose music suits my photographic style properly, in terms ofrecreating via audio the feeling that my images evoke by watching them.   The following paragraph has been included to explain better my photographic research/vision:
The Photographs -
Ichose photography to represent a feeling, or rather, some strictlyhuman sensations, even though what is immediate is the close to thetotal lack of people in this project. This absence, the continuoussearch for empty spaces, and my self imposed isolation make thesephotographs so human. Space becomes the main protagonist character; itembodies and reflects such human conditions, resulting in thehumanisation of space, one of my goals. Taking pictures at night timeis another important factor: during day time, any places are crowded ,but when night falls the urban element replaces the human one with itsunusual geometry and its countless details highlighted by the spectralglow of neon lights. This is the reason why I overload some elementswith colours the eyes fail to perceive in real life, despite theirimportance: they make reality unreal and the ordinary extraordinarywithout forgetting the intimacy of the moment, framed in a single shot.
The Soundtrack -

Eachartist supplied a track according to the photographs they received; allof the afore-mentioned tracks were collected in the audio cd that comesalong with the book, working as a soundtrack to the book itself.
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