Sleep Clinic - Anesthesia 3 (Official Music Video)
Directed / Filmed by - Francesco Brunotti
Digital processing / post-production - Francesco Brunotti
Music - Sleep Clinic
Title - Anesthesia 3
Camera - Sony Alpha a7S II

This is my music video for the Los Angeles based electronic music artist Sleep Clinic:
the song, Anesthesia 3 creates a since of longing and separation but also a sense of comfort and serenity, emptied out moments of relief and peace from reality as well as dissociation, isolation, and alienation.
In order to create the proper visuals for this track and turn its sounds into emotional moving pictures , I went to Venice Beach for several days, with my Sony As7II, filming in slow motion all kinds of people and humanity in general, from skaters to surfers, people riding their bikes, simple bystanders, basically filming daily life and the environments surrounding it. 
Even the ocean plays a huge part in the video, representing moments of peace and calm. 
Then I managed to recreate the abstract sounds of the song by processing all the footage, the result is like looking out into a world that seems so alien emotionally, as though through the lenses of a robots scanning eyes and algorithmic logic -- In which the daily tumble of life and interaction are viewed as holographic simulacrum. 
People and places turn into ghosts and holograms, lost in a sea of intricate, almost lines and wireframes, we can catch glimpses of their past lives and what they used to be, even though we realize that they became something else. 
Effectively observing preserved moments and synchronous connectivity from that dissociated vantage.. Somehow though there is still an emotive element present...whether it brings relief or not is not yet clear.
I chose the color red because I thought it’d really help to create a strong contrast between the emotional detachment and coldness that the images might suggest, and the warmth of the color, retaining that touch of humanity that seemed to be forever lost among the dots and the lines of this processed footage. 

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