The People's Animation Vol. 2 on
El Rey Network : 
Winner of the 2018 edition

In the year 2018 I was selected as one of the winners of "The People's Animation Vol.2" contest on El Rey Network - founded by Robert Rodriguez. I was also interviewed by director Jorge Gutierrez - The Book of life director - for their show. To follow you can see a video which includes the interview and both animated videos that won the contest.

"Dive into two short films set in a universe created by a long-lost fictional publishing company—Atomic Rocket Comics. In the first film, Iron Mask (an intergalactic bounty hunter) fights Doc-tor Actom (his archenemy) in an intergalactic battle for the ages. In the second, Mastermind (the Earth’s Mightiest Defender) battles Zarkon (King of the Monsters from Hell) in a deadly face-off."

About El Rey Network: El Rey Network is a new 24-hour English language network founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Curated by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, the network unites the most culturally diverse generation in history through fearless, badass and original content that awakens the renegade in everyone.
Credits :

Atomic Rocket Comics Presents Iron Mask vs. Doctor Actom 
Directed by : Francesco Brunotti
Camera Operators : Cristian Graziano / Francesco Brunotti
Editing : Francesco Brunotti
Compositing / Post Production : Francesco Brunotti
Music : Saverio Paiella
Characters design : Francesco Brunotti / Roberto Papi
Actor : Matteo Bussotti 
Atomic Rocket Comics :

Atomic Rocket Comics presents: MASTERMIND !!​​​​​​​
Directed by : Francesco Brunotti ( 
Character design : Roberto Papi ( / Francesco Brunotti
2D animation / Motion design : Francesco Brunotti
Sound Design: Carmine Palladino 
Atomic Rocket Comics created by: Francesco Brunotti / Roberto Papi

Single videos :

Atomic Rocket Comics Presents Iron Mask vs. Doctor Actom 

Atomic Rocket Comics presents: MASTERMIND !!​​​​​​​
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