TRAITRS - Heretic (Official Music Video)
Directed by - Francesco Brunotti
Camera operator / DOP - Francesco Brunotti
Edited by - Francesco Brunotti
Band - Traitrs
Song - Heretic
Starring - Michela Leon as "The Eye Patch Girl" and Matteo Bussotti as "Frankie"
This is my new music video for the Canadian post-punk / new wave band Traitrs, shot at night with a Sony α7S II and the Ronin M.
"Heretic" tells the story of two night creatures: an eye patch girl, and a boy with a monster face, both lost in the darkness of an empty city, both looking for something – or someone – wandering in the empty spaces of suburban night life. As they move around in these ghostly spaces, illuminated only by neon lights, they hint at something lost by both of them – is it peace of mind? Serenity? A spark that’s forever gone? Are they still human, or just ghosts of a past now gone? The way they move, it almost seems to draw a line between them, like two stories. Have they met before? Who are they? The twist at the end might actually help to figure that out, in a very bittersweet way.
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