UNKNOWNDIVIDE - "Reverence" (Official Music Video)
Artist - Unknowndivide 
Directed by : Francesco Brunotti 
Animation : Francesco Brunotti

The visuals for Unknowndivide's "Reverence" represent an inner journey into 3D alien and extraterrestrial landscapes, sometimes more abstract, sometimes more detailed. The colors and textures of the landscapes are heavily influenced by the atmospheric music and its ethereal melodies. As the camera moves through different places in space and time, the camera pauses on details that create a stark contrast between nature and the more abstract elements that look like relics of an ancient civilization. The feeling is almost universal and yet intimate in the way these places are being shown, no sign of humanity and yet there is something emotional in the way the eye looks at these landscapes. Slowly, as the music starts to change, and the hard industrial beats kick in, the sound becomes more moody and darker. The hints of shoegaze echoes within the environment and as the colors of the video start to change with it, the viewer can see how it becomes more claustrophobic. With red as the dominant color, it moves from ethereal open spaces into its vast contrast: dark hellish landscapes. As the music and the visuals get more and more intense, the video ends showing that this whole journey was inside of us.

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